Whatever your personal flavour preferences please rest assured that all our recipes employ only the very finest local fruit and British cream and sugar.  Whether your tastes are more traditional (with a contemporary countryside twist) or a little more adventurous, we think we’ll have something that’s right up your street.


Flavour Menu

Our sophisticated, mouthwatering flavours rely on the simple combination of local fruit, British cream and sugar.  No more, no less. 


Fancy a bit of zest on the tongue? Punchy flavour taken to a knockout, this is the real McCoy, expressive, deep-fruited and intense - yet with an authentic creaminess. Not for those with a Mateus-educated palate. This is a big favourite down on the farm, and rightly so. Fruit at full-throttle and as zesty as zesty gets.


Christmas Cream Ice

A yuletide … indeed, any tide, offering that should elicit squeals of delight to equal a snow storm on Christmas Day. Those yelps, however, should be adult-only as this ambitious and generous Christmas-pudding-style ice has hefty cinnamon flavours and a decent hit of brandy. Not for the squeamish or the humbug brigade, this is full, rich and voluptuously fruity stuff with an intense texture that rolls on the tongue like a carpet tumbling downstairs. Fill that freezer and deck the halls …



 No plum-duffer, this. It’s an unadulterated humdinger of an ice with perfumed, succulent and dense fruitiness. Richness on the palate is followed by a gentle bitterness of the farewell. This is a joyful expression of fruit and, as such, should always be enjoyed on its own (or maybe matched with a decent, noble-rotted dessert wine). Damson, when ripe like this, has a dazzling intensity interwoven with a hint of herbaceous lusciousness and a neat note of sour. Top marks.


Gooseberry and Elderflower

Something about this union of flavours must be sanctified within ancient lore of the English countryside. We all know these tastes, they are a Baby Boomer’s rite of passage, part of growing up in Blighty. Aromas and flavours of great character and purity, no less; say “gooseberry, think “fool”; say “elderflower”, think “wine” or “cordial”. Yet this cream-ice is not a fool, more a rich, concentrated and delightfully granular, full-fruited ice (with a mere hint of elderflower hiding in the undergrowth). The balance is a tricky one but brilliantly attained, giving perfect poise between sweetness and penetrating acidity. This stuff has rare and matchless flavours and is perfect for all occasions. Beware, however, the midriff monster; this is the most moreish matter known to man.

Pear and Vanilla

Okay, anyone attempting to make a pear ice-cream will often come a cropper when it comes to flavour intensity, yet a daring pairing with vanilla brings a much fuller, fatter, more-rounded-and-refined flavour.  Definitely not an every-day style, this is a far more creamy, dinner-party ice which needs to be languorously savoured. Perfect match for a honeyed bottle of late-picked Coteaux du Layon, the sweet wine of Anjou. Calorific heaven, waistline hell. Hey, who cares?




Fruit cream-ice with attitude, and not a frivolous one at that. Authentic, fresh raspberry pulsates with gutsy rhythm on the tongue – and the beat is rock ‘n’ roll, not waltz. Yet the farewell on the palate is lingering, lush and elegant. Tongue-creasing, over-sugared raspberry ripple this isn’t. More please.



When did you last describe strawberry ice-cream as juicy, dynamic and vigorous? Never? The most common description is “er, pink”. But Alder Tree has worked its magic on this flavour. It is full of personality with a high-impact taste, despite its deceptively light colour. Mouth-watering yet cleansing all in one go. Stunning, and even better with a glass of pink fizz.


Summer Fruits

If you’re ever short of ideas for a pudding on a summer’s day, here is a sure-fire solution. Any day, any meal, in fact. The merger of strawberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and plum is a veritable musketeer fusion – “all for one, and one for all”. This complex, rich, full-flavoured cream-ice has subtle nuances (and pieces) of each tangy fruit in every spoonful. The backbeat drive of fully-ripe plum is markedly joyous. Gold stars all round, please.



 Whoever it was who crossed raspberry with a blackberry to create this underrated, unsung-hero-of-a-fruit should be canonised. It simply makes the best cream-ice ever. Yes, ever. This is lush, juicy, palate-thrilling stuff with definite personality. The illegitimate offspring of nobility, maybe, yet full of dignified flavour, nonetheless. Ice aristocracy for those in the know. Unmissable.


Toffee Apple

A brilliant and cheerful children’s special (although selfish adults may beg to differ), this fun, creamy ice has a charming personality. The lively tartness of Bramley apple combines with golden syrup and crunchy toffee in a chewy explosion on the palate like a dazzling firework (no, not literally). It’s just one of those whacky ideas that work. Exuberant, expressive and joyfully excessive. Don’t leave children alone with this – there’ll be none left for you.


Stem Ginger and Rhubarb

These two flavours represent a successful and long-lasting culinary marriage. The juxtaposition of tart and sweet has been well-served by this combo over the generations (ref; Mrs Beeton onward) and is, indeed, a divine union, here expressed at its apogee. It is an ideal and intense pairing for the erudite palate but might need a wide berth from ginger-haters among us. It is a Marmite flavour, after all. Either love it, or hate it. Well, no. In blind taste tests*, self-confessed ginger-loathers admitting to loving this taste. Perhaps it should be called Ginger and Rhubarb surprise? Delicious, tangy and lush, all in one go.

(*NB: this was merely an informal, blind taste test among family and friends)


A huge, concentrated hit of vanilla gives authenticity to one of life’s real-but-rare miracles – genuine vanilla cream-ice with astounding intensity. The bland and insipid tastelessness of many vanilla offerings is swept aside when contrasted to this, the muscular, real deal. Its reviving pungency is hallmarked by potent crème-brulee notes and lush mouthfeel. Vanilla –ice cream, at its best, is a much underrated treat. This is it. Indulge generously.



Our fruit cream ices come in 3 handy formats, ranging from a ‘me time’ 125ml tub to a family-sized 500ml tuba and a 4L offering for our foodservice friends.


P.S. It’s worth keeping an eye out for regular new lines or seasonal specials that we introduce every year, because we think it’s only right that we never take your taste buds for granted.