Audrey’s Looking Very Smart!

Really excited to see Audrey looking all shiny and new yesterday in her new county cream and burgundy livery.  We should be picking her up from John Newell & Sons on Monday (once shes got all her windows back in), so look out for her around Stowmarket, Needham Market & Mickfield on Monday as she heads off to have her kitchen fitted.





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About Stephany

I was born in Belgium in 1978 and came to Alder Carr Farm when I was four, when my parents bought the then derelict pig farm in 1981. Over the years my parents have transformed the farm into a thriving business, growing fruit and veg, offering PYO, with school visits, farmers markets, a farmshop, craft units and tearoom. My two sisters and I had a wonderful time growing up, but were never put under any pressure to feel we had to continue the business. With a love of nature and a concern for the environment I went to Sheffield to study Biology, worked at the University for a year before going to study Business & The Environment at Imperial College. After 18 months working for Groundwork, providing businesses with environmental advice, I decided that what I really wanted to do was run my own ethical and sustainable business. Realising that my parents were already making a fantastic product, but didn't have the time to give it the attention it deserved, I suggested that I come back to Suffolk and have a go at running this part of the business. The business has flourished and in 2007 we decided to set it up as a separate business and Alder Tree was born.

2 thoughts on “Audrey’s Looking Very Smart!

  1. Hi,
    Your old ambi is looking fantastic. Thank you for posting this on your blog. My other half and I are currently restoring a 1966 Morris LD ambulance just like yours. At first one of the colour schemes I thought of doing my ‘Bus’ was cream and bergundy but, eventually decided to make it an authentic St Johns Ambulance (so black and white). I was right though, the bergundy and cream combo is just great.
    The inside of ours is a camper and we are hoping it will serve us well for plenty of hols and breaks away.
    F.Y.I Believe it or not, the petrol engined ones were pretty quick for there time and will willingly get up to 70mph. I know a chap who drove these in the service, back in the day in Edinburgh. He said if they were quiet when it was raining heavily, the base would be deserted – They would all be powersliding their Morris LD’s down the cobble streets. All just a bit mad if you ask me. Mine sticks to 50/55mph.
    Best regards Paul & Maria

    • Thank you, just picked her up from the bodyshop today and she’s looking great! Was a bit worried about the cream / burgundy but it definitely works. Would be interested to see some pics of yours. We drove ours back from Stroud last year, which she managed fine at 50/55mph, not sure she’d do 70 – or that you’d want to! Just got to get the inside sorted now and then we will be off – if you are in East Anglia do look out for us at all the summer events! Kind regards Stephany & Graham.

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