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Well, if we’re brazen enough to show you our awards, it sort of makes sense that we also show you some of our favourite kind words that people who know have written about us.

See food journalist Patrick Mcguigan talking about our Top50 Gooseberry & Limoncello in his 60 second reveiw here:


"Its absolutely stunning"

'a gorgeous balance of flavours'

'light summery and refreshing ... I want to go and buy it right now"

                                                                                 - Quality Food Award Judges Comments 2010 -


"Delicious, delicious, delicious!!"

                                                                                     - Thomasina Miers -


"The damson was out of this world - truly delicious!"

                                                                                           - Valentine Warner -


"I'm a huge, huge fan of Alder Tree Fruit Cream Ice! "

                                                                                                            - Rose Prince -                    


"it is so rich, so tempting and, for a change, so pure."
                                                                                - Henrietta Green's Food Lovers' Guide to Britain -


'Sensational ... refreshingly clean & pure'

                                                                                                - Nigel Slater -



What Our Customers Say ....


'we are completely hooked.  It is the BEST I have ever tasted - the Summer Fruits is like the perfect balance between a sorbet and traditional ice cream.  Scrumptious, delectable, delicious!' Gail, Bedford


'Customers come specifically just to buy it'

                                                                           Joanne Reeks, La Hogue Farm Shop