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Alder Tree is a family-owned, farm-based business that makes award-winning Fruit Cream Ices.


So What is Fruit Cream Ice?


Think about a fresh fusion of the finest ever fruity sorbet you can imagine, and the rich, full-bodied creaminess of real ice cream.


Each fruit flavoured Alder Tree tub is so packed with sumptuous locally-picked fruit (36%), that technically theres not quite enough space left for the amount of milk and cream required to be acknowledged legally as a bona-fide ice cream.


Fortunately at Alder Tree we choose not to be weighed down by traditional 'ice-cream' tags because our priority has always been to stay true to the local countryside, combining top-notch natural ingredients and deep-rooted environmental integrity to create the finest fruit cream ices imaginable.


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Alder Tree Ltd 

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